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Legal Guardianship & Conservatorship Services

Since 2016, we have provided legal guardianship and conservatorship services for adults age 18 and older who have no appropriate family members to make decisions for their care and estate. 

Our clients live with impairments that impact their decision-making capacity. We serve individuals who live independently, in group homes, or rehabilitation/nursing care facilities. 

Aside from the basic services we provide, we recognize their abilities and celebrate their successes.  Each of our Guardian Case Managers provide these services with love, care and respect:

  • Regular in-home visits
  • Developing a warm but respectful relationship with each individual
  • Advocate for their needs
  • Provide care coordination with all involved care affiliates
  • Attend medical and psychiatric appointments, as well as maintain contact with their medical teams
  • Partner with medical professionals for preventative and specialized care
  • Pursue services and community resources 
  • Assist with safe recovery solutions for those struggling with substance abuse
  • Partner with law enforcement when needed
  • Foster access to end of life care 
  • Assist the individual with rebuilding safe/supportive family relationships whenever possible
  • Advocate for community (least restrictive) living over institutionalization when able
  • Foster engagement and participation in the greater community
  • Advocate and assist the individual with finding desired cultural and spiritual events and activities, etc.
  • Crisis prevention and referral to those who are in need
  • Protect each person’s civil rights, including those who need assistance with citizenship
  • Assisting individuals with employment services and supports
  • Assisting individuals with educational services and supports
  • Partner with community providers to ensure quality services
  • Complete annual update reports to the court 
  • Track and monitor the individual’s financial information to protect from exploitation

Who We Serve:

Persons with disabilities and/or mental illness
Elderly individuals
Juveniles aging out of the foster care system